December 20, 2014

Daughter of TruWest Pure PrairieSmoke

Welcome to TruWest Morgans!

We hope you’ll like what you see here. We raise cattle and Morgan horses in Montana. We handle our cattle the old fashioned way, horseback, and have found that Morgans excel in this work and in being true partners and companions for all the reasons that people seek the company of horses. We produce … [Read More...]


TruWest Pure Prarie Smoke sliding stop

TruWest Pure PrairieSmoke is our principal sire and a person would be hard pressed to find a more breeding-worthy stallion.  He was one of those colts that identified himself from birth as a genuine stallion prospect. He only ratified my opinion from then on, never giving me one incident to consider changing my mind. He’s sublimely gentle, kind and easy to manage at all times and places.  He’s … [Read More...]

TruWest Glory B Dun

Dun Morgan Horse Mare for Sale

2005 Dun Morgan Mare For Sale Seven year old zebra dunskin mare. Marries strong dun factor with lots of clear zebra strips on her legs, rims of her ears, and dorsal stripe. She's around 15 hands, full bodied and well balanced from end to end. Very nice head, lovely, curious personality. She had … [Read More...]