August 28, 2016

About TruWest Morgans

TruWest Pure PrairieSmokeEdit

TruWest Morgans at Ria Clarita Ranch located near Roberts, MT is the home of authentic western performance Morgans.
We produce a few foals each year and usually have a nice offering of well-bred, high quality youngsters as well as proven stock for sale.  Most of the breeding stock is home grown with a solid basis in working lines from the old LU and Cross ranches of Wyoming and the historic Jackson Ranch of Montana. This blend has given us over 40 years of horses with deep, correct conformation, the exact ratio of substance to refinement for a wonderfully durable horse that still has plenty of eye appeal, grace and athleticism to go into a show ring or performance arena and win, and we have proved it.

Although we are no longer on the big ranch in eastern Montana, we intend to keep producing genuine western Morgans for our family and for others who seek Morgans with true western-horse conformation, the athletic ability, disposition and in-born cow sense to excell in western performance events that are so popular today.

For over four decades we have been producing high quality, beautiful, correct Morgans. Our horses have excelled in all areas in real ranch work on big ranches in eastern Montana. They have also been shown in many divisions from 4H to professional, and have also been genuine pleasure mounts for families and amatuer owners.
Proudly standing TruWest Pure Prairie Smoke, AMHA #12693, a genuine versatility sire.   True to Morgan tradition, Smokey stamps his foals with his beauty, classic Morgan conformation and best of all his sweet disposition.